KUBERA TRADE LTD. is one of the rapidly growing trading companies in Turkey with in-depth local knowledge and expertise.

Today, we work with partners on innovative business solutions in many areas.

We believe that each of us is purposefully driven to make a difference in our industry as well as in the lives of our communities, families and each other. We are accountable stewards to all of our stakeholders – including manufactures, partners, and investors.

Kubera Trade has a large network of suppliers and a wealth of market knowledge and experience, offer the high-quality service for companies aiming to present in global markets with foreign partners in all around the world. Ensuring you a diverse range of products and supplies at competitive prices in international foreign trade standards.

Our team are proven experts in the field where they can source and supply your requirements.


Supply Chain division from Domestic and International Manufacturers & Wholesalers

Process management in different operations such as import, export and transit businesses

Arrange all of your business activities on behalf of you in global format

Become your solution partner in any business plan